The Pappaws Dog Training Center offers the finest dog training classes in Marshfield and throughout Missouri. We have over 20 years of experience working with all kind of breeds, and resolving behavior issues. We use tried and true compassionate techniques to rehabilitate dogs and train owners to work with their pets. When you need compassionate training and effective results, contact The Pappaws Dog Training Center.

The Most Effective Dog Classes in Marshfield

Some of Our Favored Classes


All dogs that will be dropped off with us for Boarding or Training MUST have current vaccination documents as well as a NEGATIVE FECAL certificate preformed by their vet within 48 hours of dropping the dog off.   If these documents are not produced your dog will not be accepted at this facility!!!! 

Group Classes

We offer 'level based group classes' which allow each dog/handler team to work at their own pace in mastering the 5 levels. We allow you 6 months to accomplish this from the date you sign up.

Orientation begins with a lecture on equipment, the principles of dog training by today's standards, and an overview of level 2.

Level 2 covers sit and sit/stay, down and down/stay and loose leash walking. No more being dragged by your pooch!

Level 3 continues on the basics of level 2 but adds distractions that you will encounter in the everyday world with your dog. We also add resistance stays, calling your dog to come and to sit infront of you politely, and also to sit from a down using only verbal commands.

Level 4 teaches you how to navigate left and right turns without tripping over your dog, about turns with sudden stops and run outs, longer sit and down stays, and finally long distance recall to a sit front.

Level 5 begins the off leash heeling with pace changes, sits in motion, downs in motion, quick halts with automatic sits and lots of distractions during the long distance recalls.

Level 6 culminates all previous levels and includes a test on all aspects of the classes. Certificates are awarded when you pass!


6 Month Group Classes                          400.00


Our facility is not only for training your four-legged friend, but we offer excellent boarding services. Leaving town and seeking a high-quality, kind and loving boarding home to take care of your dog while you're away? Our dog boarding area is large enough for any size dogs and we have runs available to put your dogs together if you so choose while they stay with us. Look no further than Pappaws Dog Training Center! We are happy to board your canine for any length of time. 


1 Dog lg run                                              20.00

2 Dogs lg run                                             30.00

3 Dogs lg run                                             45.00

Board/Train 2 weeks

We offer 2 week board/train package where we will teach your dog basic obedience ( sit, down, come, stay, walk on a loose leash.) as well as general manners ( sit at the door, no jumping, no mouthing or biting.)

Board/Train 4 weeks

Our 4 week board/train package will be all the basic obedience like the 2 week package plus building the dogs confidence up to work off leash also. 


Basic OB Package

2 week Board/Train                                700.00

 Will be working on Basic OB/Manners

Premium OB Package

4 week Board/Train                              1350.00

 Will be working on perfect OB/Manners on and off leash training.

Elite OB Training Package                      3200.00

4 week B/T on first visit then a 2 week B/T follow up training.  and group classes for the life of the dog. AKC CGC and CGCA Testing provided.  


We offer an 8 week agility class to teach the handler/dog the correct way to navigate all obstacles and once learned then we have fun in running the complete course to see how well everyone does. When finished you will have the skills required to compete in AKC events, should you choose to do so.


8 week introduction to Agility                   150.00

Private Lessons

You may desire private lessons for the sake of convenience or if your dog doesn't do well in a group setting. The Pappaws Dog Training Center offers completely personal lessons at our center or your home based on your schedule. Our master certified dog trainer, Chuck Adams, or Robin (certified dog trainer/behavior speciallist) will come to your residence and work with you and your dog in an environment you both are accustomed to. When you need professional and hassle-free dog training, contact Pappaws Dog Training Center!


30 Mins 30.00                             1 hour 60.00

Aggressive Behavior Modification

Aggressive behavior in dogs can be a detriment to you and your family. It can affect your finances and your safety. Don't let your dog be a liability - bring him to The Pappaws Dog Training Center! We'll teach him how to listen your to commands and behave as you should expect. We'll teach you how to signal to your dog what kind of behavior is best and how to best curb unwanted activities on the spot.


4 week behavior modification    1400.00 to 1600.00 depending on the history of the dogs aggression.

Search & Rescue and Narcotics Training

At Pappaws Dog Training Center, we have a passion for police department training. We offer high-quality training services for K9 units in both narcotics and search and rescue. For complete training courses or short-term learning, contact us today. We are able to work with local police departments in and around Marshfield to provide experienced, knowledgeable training for the important K9 units.


6 Week scent training                          2100.00


If you enjoy using your dog to bring smiles and joy into other people's lives, then this class is what you need. In 10 weeks we go over all the fundamentals that most therapy organizations require, including but not limited to the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA). These tests will be offered to class members at no additional charge but open to the public for a nominal fee. Upon completion you will have the option of testing for a national therapy organization given by a tester/observer here at Pappaws. 


10 week Therapy                                 250.00

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