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Some of our classes we offer:

Group obedience is always popular. Take your untrained pup to off leash in just 4 months; agility; rally-earn titles; CGC-earn titles, scent work-track deer blood, find keys in the lawn, bed bugs, etc.; tracking; search and rescue; narcotics detection; specialized private lessons for such things as protection training, cadaver/search and rescue, just to name a few.

Classes are for 1 hour and are for 8 weeks. Cost is 250.00 for dog/handler with the last weeks of class doing visits and being evaluated at our local nursing homes This class will come with AKC CGC and/or CGCA testing included as well as testing for Therapy through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. (formally, Therapy Dogs Incorperated)
Agility Classes
Old English Sheep Dog doing Agility

Please contact us to get signed up. We will be taking only 10 dogs for this class so if you have a friend that you are wanted to take the class with please sign up early. Classes are on Saturdays and go for 8 weeks. Cost is 250.00 for Dog/handler.

Group Obedience Classes
Clients getting instructions on Obedience
Group Obedience Class Instructions

Group Obedience classes are ongoing throughout the year. We have level base classes which means you and your dog move along at your speed not others. Start time can be any Saturday. We also offer a Wednesday class at 1:00 pm for those of you that can't make it on Saturdays.
Cost $500.00 for up to 4 months of instructed class.

(Class times for Saturdays are.)
Level 1  10:00 Am for 30 minutes with a 15 minute for testing, question/answer and homework assignments. 
Level 2  9:00 Am for 30 minutes with a 15 minute for testing,  question/answer and homework assignments.

(Class times for Wednesday afternoons are)
1:00pm to 1:45pm
Please give us a call today at (417) 630-0085 to find out what classes will work for you and your dogs needs. 
Prices subject to change.
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