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Chuck Adams, founder of The Pappaws Dog Training Center, brings more than 20 years of dog training experience to every class he teaches. The Pappaws Dog Training Center offers various obedience and specialty training classes to meet any need for any budget. When you need compassionate dog training in Marshfield, The Pappaws Dog Training Center is your first and best choice!

Marshfield's Finest Obedience School for Dogs

Our Proven Training Programs

Obedience Training

Some normal dog behaviors are things we owners don't like. Our goal is to train your dog to do what you want so it's easier to live with. If your dog won't come when he's called, walk nicely on leash, interact politely with people or other dogs, control its barking or be potty trained, you need to visit The Pappaws Dog Training Center. We offer an array of obedience courses that will give you effective results. If and when you need compassionate obedience training for your pooch, contact us to schedule a free evaluation!

Specialty Training

Do you or a loved one have special needs that require a canine helper? Chuck and Robin Adams have extensive experience in giving specialty training to assistance dogs. We can help you help your pooch to have a solid temperament characterized by friendliness, non-aggressive behavior,  with predictable and reliable skills in any situation. When you need specialty dog training, visit Pappaws Dog Training Center today!

Using luring to teach proper positions
Shaping Exercise
Affordable Options

Many people think that dog training is a long and expensive process. We want you to know that every moment you spend investing time and energy in your dog means a great deal to the dogs behavior and if done properly it will be enjoyalbe to you and your canine friend. We offer an array of classes that can meet any schedule and any budget! From group sessions at our center, to private 1 on 1 at our center we'll ensure that your dog is well trained and you have the tools you need to be in control. The team at Pappaws Dog Training Center are compassionate in their approach to dogs and friendly in their demeanor with dogs and clients.

Contact us today at (417) 630-0085
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